Do you read books as soon as you receive them?

Bookish Question #60: Do you read books as soon as you receive them?

This question is a sign of the times!

Once upon a time, back when I only read paper books, I “received” them in one of three ways: I bought them myself, I borrowed them from the library, or I received them as gifts.

And I always read them as soon as I received them. I would, of course, prioritise library books, because they had to be returned. But it would be rare for me to have a book longer than a week or two before I read it. The main exceptions were the Good News Bible a friend gave me when I was about thirteen, or the reference books I was given: books of Bible stories, children’s encyclopedias (encyclopediae?), or (later) university textbooks.

But ereaders have changed my book-buying habits. So has reviewing.

As a result, my reading habits have also changed.

I get a lot of review books. Some I receive direct from authors, but I find most on NetGalley. I also have hundreds and hundreds of unread books on my Kindle. Most of them were downloaded free, but there is also a good number of books I’ve paid for (including many sale books. Because there is a never-ending supply of books I want to read. No matter how much I want to read it, I’m reluctant to pay $10 for a book when I already have so many unread books.

But if that same book goes down to 99c or $1.99? Or where the pre-order copy is half the regular price? Or when I find a must-read book on NetGalley? Sold.

You see my problem. A complete lack of self-control when it comes to books.

The result is a to-read pile which is out of control. So this year I’ve made, and am making, a concerted effort to read new books as soon as they arrive on my Kindle. I prioritise books I’ve paid for, but also (try) to apply this to review copies.

The positive aspect to this is I’ve already read all the books I’m due to review in June, and have written and scheduled most of the reviews as well. I also make a point of not visiting NetGalley unless I’m posting my reviews, or receive an email saying I’ve been approved to review a book I requested.

I have also decided not to buy Kindle books that area already available unless I want to read them at once. Right. Now. It’s working as a way of keeping my to-read mountain from growing into a small planet. It also means that when a pre-ordered book arrives on my Kindle, I can sit down and read it right away. It helps that most books seem to release at 7pm in my timezone, just as I’m sitting down to relax in the evening!

So, long answer short, I am making a point of trying to read books as soon as I receive them rather than letting them languish on my Kindle.

What about you? Do you read books as soon as you receive them?

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