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I’m Iola Goulton, and I love to read.

Historical or contemporary, but especially contemporary. Contemporary romance. Even better if there’s a little suspense in there.

I have dozens of favourite books and favourite authors. I especially love the books with something different. Something that’s not run-of-the mill Christian fiction. Something that’s going to challenge me.

I’m always on the lookout for authors who write something a little different. International settings. Imperfect characters—people like  me, like my friends, like my church congregation. People who have problems, who have imperfect lives, but who have a Christian faith to guide them.

I like Christian fiction that’s a little edgy—not so santitised that all the personality has been removed. And I like my fiction to have a touch of humour. Because there are times we need to laugh.

Sound familiar?

I’m also an author (well, author in training). And that’s what I’m seeking to write. Different. Contemporary Christian romance that’s slightly edgy, with a little humour, and a unique setting—the Kiwi twist.

If you have days when you want something different, join me. Let’s explore the big wide world of Christian fiction together.

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Iola’s Christian Fiction Recommendations