Bookish Question: Do you read print books or ebooks or both?

Bookish Question #52 | Do you read print books or ebooks or both?

It’s a little over ten years since Amazon released their first-generation Kindle e-reader, which sold out in less than six hours (and it was almost six months before it was back in stock).

Since then, we’ve seen a range of ereader options released, including Kobo and Nook readers. We’ve also seen all the major booksellers develop their own ereader apps. Now anyone can read ebooks, whether on a dedicated ereader, or on another device such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Which leads to this week’s question: Do you read print books or ebooks or both?

I have to admit that I don’t have the patience to read an entire novel on the computer. I already read a lot of blog posts on the computer. Also, I always want to make changes, because I do my freelance editing on the computer. I’m also not a fan of reading on my iPhone—the screen is too small.

But I’m a huge fan of the Kindle, and I’m at the point where if I have the choice of a print book or an ebook, I’ll almost always choose the ebook.


  • It’s lighter and easier to hold than a print book.
  • I can adjust the font size if necessary.
  • It’s easier—I can hold the Kindle and turn the pages all with one hand.
  • Even at full price, an ebook is around half the price of buying the print book in New Zealand.
  • I have access to a wider range of books—the fiction range in my local Christian bookstore is pitifully small in comparison.
  • I have access to free ebooks because I’m a reviewer.

There are some books I still prefer to read in print form:

  • The Bible
  • Reference books such as the dictionary or style manuals (not that I “read” those like one would read a novel!)
  • Non-fiction books such as books on writing craft (although I still read a lot of those on Kindle, either because I get review copies or because of the relative cost of the print book vs. the ebook.

What about you? Do you read print books, ebooks, or both? Let me know in the comments.

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