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Quote from When He Found Me by Victoria Bylin: “Are you a Christian?” “Yes, but it’s only been a month. I’m not very good at it.” “Neither was I.”

Book Review | When He Found Me by Victoria Bylin

Baseball player Shane Riley is on his way to Refuge, Wyoming, to take a teaching job while he recovers from his recent injury. On the way, he meets a woman in a laundromat who reminds him of his estranged sister, Daisy. The woman turns out to be Melissa Townsend, his new landlady.

MJ has nowhere to go.

So she’s returned to Refuge with her son, Cody, because she’s recently inherited her grandparent’s house … and because she has nowhere else to go. She wants to sell the house, because her health benefits are about to run out, and she has a condition requiring ongoing healthcare.

When He Found Me is a brave novel that tackles issues not often seen in Christian fiction.

MJ has HPV, a sexually transmitted disease contracted in the same one-night stand that gave her Cody. Now she’s staring in the face of a full hysterectomy before she turns twenty-five. No, that whole “it’s your body so you can do what you want” hasn’t exactly worked for her. But MJ has recently become a Christian, and is taking strength in God.

“Preacher Boy” Shane has given up on God since his accident.

That presents an interesting and unique dynamic—the new Christian and the new backslider. Both have awkward histories: MJ with her health, and Shane with his sister, Daisy. It’s a strong cast of characters, and a well-plotted novel that covers sexual sin, abuse, and how Christians can inadvertently make things worse.

Recommended for Christian fiction readers who want a novel that deals with some real-life issues but focuses on the emotions and consequences rather than the (sinful) actions.

Thanks to the author for providing a free ebook for review.

About When He Found Me

Love Discovered . . . Hope Renewed

Once a strong Christian, third baseman Shane Riley lost his faith the night he injured his knee in a freak car accident. Determined to return to professional baseball and to find the sister he treated badly, Shane retreats to Refuge, Wyoming. There he meets Melissa June “MJ” Townsend, a single mom battling the virus that causes cervical cancer.

MJ wants nothing to do with the handsome athlete—no doubt a womanizer considering the stories in the news. But when a mistake results in Shane renting her garage apartment, they become friends. That friendship blossoms into something deep and pure, leaving MJ with a painful secret to tell. Even more complicated, she discovers an unexpected tie to Shane’s missing sister—a wounded woman who wants nothing to do with the perfect brother who scorned her.

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