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Do you visit book stores?

Bookish Question #65 | Do you visit book stores?

Do I visit book stores?

Sometimes and all the time.

This is 2018. There are two kinds of book store: physical, and online. I visit one kind of store all the time (can you guess which?). The other kind? Not so often. What about you?

Physical Book Stores

I rarely visit a physical book store unless I need to buy a physical book or product. The last time I visited one was to buy my niece a book voucher for her birthday. The time before that was to buy my husband and my mother each a book for Christmas. It’s now July. That tells you how often I visit physical book stores.

Online Book Stores

Online book stores are a different story … I don’t spent as much time browsing on Amazon as I used to, but I still visit the site at least a couple of times a week to download a sale book, to check the release date of a book I’m planning to review, or to access the links to add to a review. I also visit Amazon, ChristianBook.com, and Koorong.com.au on a semi-regular basis to post my reviews.

What about you? Do you visit book stores? What kind?