Are you doing a reading challenge in 2019?

Bookish Question #90 | Are you Doing a Reading Challenge in 2019?

Are you doing a reading challenge in 2019?

If so, which challenge are you doing? What are you challenging yourself to read?

I’ve participated in—and completed—the Goodreads Reading Challenge every year since 2011, although my self-selected target has been higher some years than others.

For 2018, I’m aiming for a lower target than 2018: 150 books read. However, this will only include books I actually finish—last year’s total included a bunch of books I started and didn’t finish for various reasons (mostly bad writing, bad editing, or characters I didn’t connect with). I included them on my Goodreads Read list because I didn’t know any other way to get them off my Currently Reading list … but now I do*, so I’ll be deleting DNF books from my Goodreads shelf rather instead.

*To delete a book: go to your My Books table, find the book, and select the cross at the end of the line. That will delete the book from all your shelves, and will also delete your review.

I also have some other self-imposed reading challenges:

Trim the Currently Reading List

Goodreads tells me I have around 50 books on my Currently Reading list. I’d like to get that down to below five (which more accurately represents the number of books I’m reading at once—a novel, a book on writing or marketing, the Bible, and maybe another non-fiction book).

Climb Mt TBR (To Be Read)

I have an enormous pile of unread books (ebook and paperback), so I’ve joined the Mt TBR challenge on Goodreads, and am hoping to clear 48 or more books from my To Read pile. The rules of this challenge are that I have to have owned the book before 1 January 2019 (so no review copies), and have to have read less than 25% of it before the start of the year. I don’t have to finish the books for them to count—deciding I don’t like the book and don’t want to finish it still means it’s off that To Read mountain.

Read Indie

I’d like to read more indie books this year. Reviewing means I tend to prioritise review copies, which are often from the major publishers. I saw one of the admins of the Avid Readers of Christian Fiction Facebook group said she’s going to try to ensure 25% of the books she reads in 2019 are from indie authors. I’m going to aim for 40, which is a little over that 25% mark.

Read New-to-me and Debut Authors

I’d also like to read more new-to-me authors (which includes debut authors). It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of reading all the same authors all the time. Again, I’m going to aim for 40 books from new-to-me authors.

Read Writing Craft

I also want to continue to upskill myself in writing, editing, publishing, and marketing, so I’d like to read more books in those areas. My sensible side says one a month, I have dozens in my To Read pile (and even more I’d like to buy).

Note that some books will count for more than one challenge, and it’s even possible for a book to count towards all four!

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Are you committing to a reading challenge for 2019? If so, what?

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