Have you been to a book launch?

Bookish Question #69 | Have You Been to a Book Launch?

A book launch is the low-key equivalent of a movie premiere, a celebration of the fact the book is now out in the world and available for purchase.

I have been to two local in-person book launches.

One was for a book I edited, and one was for a book written by a friend. Both were held in hired halls with catering, and attended by lots of encouraging family and friends.

But those aren’t the only launches I’ve attended.

I stayed up until midnight to watch the televised launch of the sixth Harry Potter books. JK Rowling read the scene where Harry and Ron visit Fred and George’s newly opened magic joke shop.

I’ve also attended several whistle-stop fast book launches at writing conferences, where authors each got five minutes during a meal break to share the story behind their book.

And I’ve participated in a couple of Facebook launch parties, although these tend to be at odd times in my (New Zealand) time zone—either too late at night (or early in the morning), or in the middle of my working day … so I mean to take a break and check out the party, but invariably forget.

What about you? Have you been to a book launch? What kind of launch was it?

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