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Bookish Question #98 | Do you like to read about characters from another nationality?

Do you like to read about characters from another race or nationality?

I’m from New Zealand, so pretty much every Christian novel I pick up is about characters from another nationality! I have always enjoyed reading books about other countries—I’ve been an armchair traveller my entire life. I’ve also enjoyed visiting places in real life that I’ve first visited in fiction. (Although it’s a little disappointing to …

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Bookish Question #95 | Do you read “clean reads”?

Do you read "clean reads"? How do you define clean reads?

Let’s reverse the questions. I see clean reads as Christian fiction without the Christian world view. Both clean reads and Christian fiction avoid nudity, sexual content, and bad language. Most also avoid violence. But Christian fiction has a Christian thread of some kind: Christian characters or Christian themes. Clean reads doesn’t. Do I read clean …

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